The Perfect Ride for Your Family Day Weekend

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As you prepare to bridge the endless gap between New Year’s Day and Spring Break with winter’s lone long-weekend respite, perhaps you’re looking at the dilapidated old beast in your driveway and wondering whether it can really handle to the job you’ve signed it up for with your ambitious vacation plans. Whether you’re overdue for […]

Discovering BMW’s M Division

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There’s a bead of sweat on my brow, and it’s not from the 35-degree heat of the Coachella Valley desert. I’m clutching the leather-wrapped steering wheel of a BMW M4 and hurtling along the back straightaway of The Thermal Club’s South Palm Circuit at around 210 kilometres per hour. When going this fast, there’s not a […]

Are Today’s Drivers Incurably Distracted?

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“It’s actually insane. It’s sociopathic behaviour. I can’t wrap my head around this.” Andrew Younghusband has worked to rehabilitate plenty of Canada’s worst drivers – 13 seasons’ worth as the host of Canada’s Worst Driver, to be exact. The 14th season premieres October 29 – and Younghusband says this season’s drivers are different in a way […]

Mercedes Heads Into the Cloud with R&D in Seattle

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Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America’s office in Seattle, one of seven based across the United States and 25 around the world, is entirely focused on cloud computing and finding ways to implement it in automotive applications that improve the driving and ownership experience. Read more at

Every Car Made in Canada

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Is all this talk of tariffs making you concerned? You’re not alone. United States President Donald Trump’s threats to slap a 25 percent tariff on all automotive imports from Canada has a lot of people up in arms and worried about the potential impact on our economy, particularly in Southern Ontario where the bulk of […]